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ADHD School Programs

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that affects the brain, creating challenges for students. It’s vital that ADHD school programs offer learning support and positive recognition. That’s because students with ADHD experience issues with attention, impulse control, problem-solving and planning. Some students may need access to school accommodations for ADHD, which allow them to stay focused on learning as they build their confidence. In high school, students should take an active role in planning for their own academic success, and educators can work to encourage students’ interests and give them flexible options for completing assignments.

ADHD Resources and Support

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ADHD Learning Strategies and Education

Educators should be aware of how high school students with ADHD learn and provide them with reasonable accommodations, such as extended time for testing and redirection. Teachers often implement ADHD learning strategies that engage learners, while also recognizing the importance of student responsibility in academic success. The class size and technological resources at Beekman serve as an advantage as teachers and parents work together to establish a plan for ADHD education. Knowing how each student learns best can ensure that the educational process is more enjoyable and rewarding for the Beekman student with ADHD.

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